Lets catch up

Last time we covered why I changed web-hosts, a few website updates, the benefits of a self-hosted WordPress blog, and what you can expect from me in the future. This time we’re going to catch up on my travels, where I’ve been to since my last blog post about Wellington, New Zealand and a few changes to how I use this blog and social media.

Ready for a sneak peak into the next few blog posts? Lets continue…

Wordpress post updates


In case you didn’t know I have a YouTube channel where I share some of my best travel-related content like the YouTube video based on my Wellington trip.

Since then I’ve uploaded videos about:

I’m currently writing blog posts for each of these with bonus tips and advice not found in those videos. Stay tuned for those.

From there I’ve got two or three more events to share with you:

  • Food & Wine Cruise aboard the P&O Pacific Jewel
  • Maybe this year’s Winetopia (New Zealand wine festival)
  • My recent trip to Brisbane and Gold Coast, Australia for the State of Origin final
  • A first for me will be Adelaide, Australia. That’s in November!

IGTV, Instagram & Facebook

Earlier this year Instagram announced their video service called Instagram TV (IGTV). And you guessed it, I have an account where you’ll find shorter more basic videos almost daily.

You’ll also find these videos on my Facebook page (they’re the same company after all) with some of the content making it’s way into this blog and vice versa. I hope you’ll join me there.

I’ve mentioned this on my IGTV but eventually you’ll find these videos complimenting my Instagram photos. They’ll be tutorial and behind-the-scenes material of how I take that day’s photos for Instagram.


Lately I’ve been using my Twitter account @travellingcliff to Retweet and Like travel-based content so if you’d like to connect with me look me up and say Hi.


I have one of these like almost every other YouTuber so if you’d like to support this blog as a patron check it out. Let me know what you think about the whole Patreon thing as well.

New Year’s Resolution Updates (or Lack Thereof)

In one of my earliest YouTube videos I mentioned my New Years Resolution. In that video I made a promise to myself that I’d travel outside of my home town at least once every month for the rest of the year.

I basically stopped about 3 months ago in order to consolidate several individual trips into one long-weekend adventure. This saves my poor car’s odometer from revisiting the same general region over and over again, the energy for all-day driving, and of course cost.


I think that’s everything! You’re totally up to date on where I’ve been, what I’m up to and some of my plans for the very near future. You already know about the website update from last time so this should cover just about everything else. Next time will be more travel-related so subscribe to my email newsletter (below) so you’ll be one of the first to be notified.

Thanks for reading.


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