Top 5 Staycay Adventures [2/5]: Lookouts and Towers

In part 1 I suggested jumping on a Tour Bus or City Circuit Bus to rediscover your home town but do you know what’s even better? When you can see it ALL from above so that brings us to a lookouts and towers.

Not impressed? Bare with me.

Almost every city has something like this and you’ve probably already done the first, second or third most popular ones in your city but are they your only options?

Here’s some examples; a tall building or tower with an observation deck, Ferris wheel (Singapore Flyer, London Eye, etc), a small hill or mountain with a lookout, a cafe on top of a hill, a restaurant on top of a hill, your friend’s house on top of a hill, someone else’s friend’s house on top of a hill. Okay, disregard that last one. No trespassing! But…

Your next Staycay Adventure is out there somewhere. You just need to go find it. Just no getting into any trouble, okay?

And if it doesn’t have a cafe you can usually bring your own coffee or beverage of choice. That’s if your drink manages makes it there, of course.

In Auckland we have the Sky Tower which according to Wikipedia is…

“the tallest freestanding structure in the Southern Hemisphere […] and the 23rd tallest tower in the world”

Lookout or observation deck on Auckland's Skytower

This is one of many similar buildings or structures we have in Auckland although it’s the most well-known and “tourist-y” of them all. It’s almost a must-see destination if you make it this way south of the equator so come check it out and then head off to the greener parts of New Zealand.

Tour buses generally stop off at city attractions like this so you can usually combine your Tour Bus adventure with a visit to one or more local lookouts or observation areas.

The numbers

I’ve found towers like Auckland’s Sky Tower to have moderate pricing ($25-50) for a visit to one of their observation decks. Expect to pay more if you go to their restaurant, bar or cafe. Some have Thrill rides like Stratosphere in Las Vegas in which I gave it a second’s thought, turned in the other direction with a polite… OH, HELL NO!

The Singapore Flyer and other Ferris wheels I’ve been on have similar pricing.

Lookouts and cafes on a hill are generally free. All you need is transport to get there. A Tour Bus adventure can solve this although you may have to choose between one or the other (tower or lookout) for your extended stop.

Finally, remember to check for discounts as a local. Sky Tower recently celebrated 20 years in August 2017 and they had promotions for the occasion. Look out for upcoming events like this to fill up your calendar for Staycay adventure ideas.

So there you have it! #2 in my Top 5 Staycay Adventures.

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