Top 5 Staycay Adventures [5/5]: Food

Welcome to the fifth and final part of my 5-part series where I give you my TOP 5 Staycay Adventures you can do almost anywhere! Don’t know what a Staycay is? Find out here. In part 1 we looked at rediscovering your home town on a Tour Bus or City Circuit Bus, in part 2 we looked at how you could hop-off to enjoy the view from a Look out or Observation Tower, in part 3 we explored Art Galleries and Museums for their architectural and cultural significance and in part 4 we considered some of the natural wonders all around us like Parks, Beaches and Walking Tracks. It shouldn’t come as a surprise where our last staycay adventure will take us as I’ve mentioned it in all four entries thus far and that is Local Food and Drink.

In parts 3 and 4 we mentioned two cafes in the Auckland Domain; one is by the Wintergardens and the other is inside the Auckland War Memorial Museum. The Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki has one as does Auckland’s Sky Tower from part 2. There’s literally dozens of them between all three locations.

Gloria Jean’s, my favourite coffee franchise from Australia, has a couple of stores in the city and there’s just as many Starbucks if not more.

I guess you could say I love coffee almost as much as I love travelling (almost) and when I’m abroad I head straight for the nearest cafe which is usually in the airport.

FYI: Did you know if you order a Latte in Hong Kong they’ll ask you if you’d like it hot or cold

Various examples of cafe food and coffee around my hometown of Auckland

Challenge Yourself

Consider adding an “Every Cafe in the City” challenge to your list of staycay adventures. The rules are simple:

  • You can visit the same cafe once
  • The cafe must have coffee as their primary business
  • The cafe must have seats for you to enjoy your drink and/or a light meal

This rules out restaurants that have a cafe/bar on the side, barber shops that serve coffee, pop-up/take-away cafe stands that don’t have any seats and lots of others. You can always revisit them later if you run out of cafes meeting the criteria above.

I have maybe two cafes as my “go to” places. I visit them all the time. They know me and I know them. They make great coffees, they’re fast, they get my order right (most of the time) and they have a nice homely feel about them.

By doing this challenge it forces me to break out of my comfort zone, to go somewhere new, and to think… Where are we going now? Have we been here before? What’s the service like? Is their coffee okay? Are they expensive?

In a way, doing this challenge reminds me of how I feel when I’m abroad. Everything is different, potentially catastrophic, and exciting which is exactly in the spirit of a staycay adventure.

And if you don’t like coffee you can always apply the same concept to restaurants or bars (pubs) and more.

Another activity I like to do when abroad is any kind of tasting sessions; food events like restaurant month, farmer’s markets or food festivals, winery tours, draft beer, whiskey and others. Look up your local events organizer to see if something like this is happening near you.

So there you have it! #5 in my Top 5 Staycay Adventures.

Thanks for reading!


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