Hello World! Welcome to Travelling Cliff

How fitting is the title Hello world! for a blog about travelling. I’m Cliff and I love to travel and if you’re visiting this blog you either love to travel too or want advice or ideas of where to go.

“Hello World” is a phrase that is commonly used as the first message in a blog post.

Let me welcome you to my small part of the internet where I hope to inspire you for all the adventures you can have both at home and abroad. Want to come? I know you do!

So what qualifies me as an expert in all-things travel related?

..lets be honest. I’m not and I hope I’m never in a position to say I’ve seen it all.

The world is a huge place and it’s not just the locations but the people, the cultural differences that makes us all different, and THE FOOD… did I mention the food?

Yes, I’m a foodie and I’m that guy who’s constantly uploading “food porn” to my social media accounts. That’s me!

Expect to see lots of posts of what I call Stay Cays or Stay at Home Vacations. These can be the types of adventures you would normally do when abroad. I want you to consider doing them locally but from the viewpoint of a tourist.

For example, it’s interesting what new things you’ll learn on a tour bus of your own city. Not to mention attractions and activities like these are usually FREE or highly discounted for locals. Nice!

Next up and not so often are proper Away Cays or Vacations. I like to “GO LARGE” with these with a few big trips a year.

So where have I been? All-over New Zealand (where I live) and Australia, Komodo Island, Bali, Singapore, Hong Kong, United States, Mexico, The Bahamas, and I hope to add more countries to this list in the very near future.

What are you waiting for? Lets go!

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